"The safest taxi company in Letchworth Garden City". Christina.

Lone women, children and vulnerable adults travelling by taxi. I want you to feel safe with us!

Christina of Central taxis Letchworth

What makes Central Taxis different?

Well, here’s why I believe my company, Central Taxis Letchworth, is different. We are the safest choice for all passengers – including women, children and vulnerable adults. I work on a daily basis with our lovely drivers and I know them personally. Not only am I in touch with the drivers, I know their friends and families. I only ever hear good things about them. Unlike the larger companies operating for maximum profit without a care who the drivers are, I know all my taxi drivers by their first names – not just their car number! I wouldn’t work with any driver who I didn’t consider honest, decent and generally nice.

In addition to the extensive backgound checks carried out by NHDC and the DBS, I personally assess them myself – continously. I also take into account what the drivers and others hear and say about them and anything I hear on the grapevine! Yes, it’s personal. I make my judgement on how “nice” they are and how they would be received by the customers before I work with anyone.

Together we are all determined to keep up the good reputation of Central Taxis Letchworth. Therefore, I would have no hesitation in trusting drivers I choose with my children, my sister or any other vulnerable friend or relative.

The drivers I work with are naturally polite, decent and trustworthy. They will always want you to feel at ease. I’m confident you will feel that Central Taxis Letchworth is the safest taxi company around.

Flagging down a taxi in a strange town?

But if you are alone in strange town and feel uneasy about getting in an unknown cab with an unknown driver, call Central Taxis Letchworth! We will pick you up and bring you back to Letchworth from wherever you are. We are just a call away.

Below are a few tips that may help if you feel uneasy in another town.

  1. Look for the taxi vehicle license number in the top left hand corner of the cab’s windscreen.
  2. Check the license plate on the back of the cab. This should display the vehicle number and authorising council.
  3. Make sure the driver has his taxi badge on display and the photo corresponds to his face.
  4. Before getting in, take a photo of the driver and vehicle and send it to a friend.
  5. Always book a licensed taxi in advance!
taxinumber 1
1. Taxi number in windscreen
taxiplate 1
2. Taxi license plate
christinabadge 1
3. Taxi driver license badge